Duo Bunch Laurel

AED 140.00

Product Details

• 5 Stems of Phlox & 10 Stems of Eucalytus
• 50 cm Long
• With Flower Food


Product Details

• 5 Stems of Phlox & 10 Stems of Eucalytus
• 50 cm Long
• With Flower Food

Delivery Information

• Your Flowers will arrive beautifully fresh and proper packing for your occasion.
• All orders are delivered via The Bunch Box temperature-controlled delivery vans.
• To guarantee your blossoms will be hands down the best and freshest stems as far as might be feasible, a few stems might show up in bud. This is to additionally secure the blossoms while on the transit likewise allow the blossoms to endure much longer.
• We promise delivery of your order in the time slot selected however in very rare cases where the situation is beyond our control this might not met and you will be notified about this in advance.
• We have developed a special packaging so that it reaches you in perfect condition.

Care Instructions

• When your flowers arrive, remove the wrapping and just trim the stems as required.
• Use a clean vase and clean fresh tap water.
• Cut approximately 1cm-2cm from the ends of the stems at an angle of 45 degrees.
• Remove the leaves and foliage below the waterline but do not remove all leaves along the stem length.
• All flowers benefit from a daily mist of water.
• To refresh flowers after 2-3 days, remove any drooping flowers, leaves and foliage, re-cut the stems and replace them with fresh tap water.
• Do not place your flowers in direct sunlight or nearby any other source of excessive heat.
• Avoid keeping flowers directly under the ceiling fan and facing of Air Conditioner
• We hope you enjoy your Flowers!


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